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         Walk to Emmaus​                    Chrysalis                         Face to Face​

Abbreviated Emmaus Schedule:

This is a rough planned schedule of daily events. Of course, as the weekend unfolds, it will take on a tempo all its own. This two dimensional overview of the weekend, which lists activities and topics, cannot adequately communicate what really happens in and among the participants as a result of being together for three days, focused on the love of God. Nevertheless, this outline gives a picture of what goes on among the pilgrims in the conference room and chapel.

This outline also shows why we describe the Walk as a short course in Christianity, not a relaxing retreat. While the Walk to Emmaus® is fun and rejuvenating, it is also concentrated and full. Don't bring work from the office or have hopes of taking an afternoon off to read. Come with empty hands and open hearts, planning to give yourself completely to the Walk...



♦ Send-Off

♦ Introductions and Orientation

♦ Video

♦ Personal Reflections

♦ Evening Prayer

♦ Silence and Meditation


♦ Morning prayer

♦ Breakfast

♦ Table group assignments

♦ Talk #1 -- Priorities

♦ Discussion, creative responses

♦ Talk #2 -- Prevenient Grace

♦ Lunch

♦ Talk 3# -- Priesthood of All Believers

♦ Talk #4 -- Justifying Grace

♦ Dinner

♦ Talk #5 -- Life of Piety

♦ Emmaus Road prayer experience

♦ Celebrating the day's message

♦ Evening prayer


Morning Prayers

♦ Breakfast

♦ Talk #6 -- Growth Through Study

♦ Talk #7 -- Means of Grace

♦ Holy Communion

♦ Lunch

♦ Talk #8 -- Christian Action

♦ Talk #9 -- Obstacles to Grace

♦ Dinner

♦ Talk #10 -- Discipleship

♦ Celebrating the day's message

♦ Special service of night prayer


Morning Prayers

♦ Breakfast

♦ Talk #11 -- Changing Our World

♦ Talk #12 -- Sanctifying Grace

♦ Talk #13 -- Body of Christ

♦ Lunch

♦ Talk #14-- Perseverance

♦ Talk #15-- Fourth Day

♦ Commissioning

♦ Closing Service and Holy Communion