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Purchase Area 4th Day Community

As always, thank you for making each Chrysalis flight a great success. We could not put on a flight without each member of our Emmaus/Chrysalis communmity. Please continue to bathe each flight, each RUSH, each team meeting, and each board meeting in prayer.

The board would like to remind everyone of a few things:

1. Because of rising expenses, we have had to raise the cost of a flight to $100 starting February, 2015. The deposit will be $25 with the remaining $75 to be paid at registration.

2. We know it is difficult to meet deadlines, but the Chrysalis board has set a deadline for applications for several reasons. First, the registrar must have time to get information back to the caterpillar, the sponsor, and the parents. Second, a sponsor needs time to prepare their caterpillar for the weekend. They must have time to collect letters for their caterpillars as well. Third, it is very difficult to buy food for the weekend when we do not know the number of people who will be on the weekend. For these reasons, we ask that you have all applications in 12 days prior to the flight. 

The board must have 15 boys and 15 girls signed up for the flight 12 days before the flight begins. If we do not have 15 each by that deadline, the flight will have to be cancelled. But once that deadline is met with 15 each, we will continue to take applications for one week - until the Monday of the week of the flight. After that no applications will be accepted. Thank you from the board for being God's hands and feet by sponsoring early. Fly with Christ!!

The deadline for summer flight 2016 is May 30.

The deadline for winter flight 2017 is January 1.

3. The duties of the sponsor are very important. You must make sure that your caterpillar is prepared for the weekend both spiritually and physically. Wrap your caterpillar in prayer before, during, and after the flight. Please make sure you share what is needed with your caterpillar. They will need bathroom supplies and bedding supplies such as air mattress, etc. We have a few extras but not enough for everyone. Please bring them to send-off, attend candlelight, and be at closing. Also make sure they attend the scheduled RUSH, which is usually the Saturday night after the flight.

Again, thank you for being God's hands and feet!!